I, along with my Board colleagues, have worked hard to:

  • Recruit and partner with a transformative superintendent

  • Push decision-making to the schoolhouse

  • Develop a Turnaround Strategy for our chronically struggling schools

  • Secure $545 million for school construction 

  • Launched $20 million scholarship program for APS students.

  • Expand early childhood education offerings and wraparound services like school-based health clinics

  • Open new career academy focused on vocational training


As chair of the Budget Commission, I led our efforts to:

  • Cut waste from the central office, increase teacher pay, allocate funds based on student need, and direct more dollars to our classrooms-- all without raising property taxes.

I'm proud of the aggressive actions we've taken and of the visible progress we see:

  • Graduation rate up 19 points-- 58% to 77% over four years

  • Rising SAT, ACT, and AP scores system wide

  • Empowered parents, teachers, and principals through new operating model

  • New partnerships between APS and hundreds of organizations providing services to our students and families 

My Service

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