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Our Future

We still have so much work left to do to build the Atlanta we want for our children and our families.


I've seen firsthand how our city needs a government that will work to tackle the tough challenges we face in making the opportunities of Atlanta accessible to everyone.


Local government is where people from different neighborhoods and diverse backgrounds can come together to solve problems and achieve progress.


I firmly believe that we can build an Atlanta where our children attend quality schools, jobs pay a living wage, and neighborhoods are safe, affordable and vibrant.


I am a son of this city. I love Atlanta. I want to continue my work to help build an equitable, inclusive, and diverse Atlanta for all who call this incredible city home.

Economic Development

We must​ encourage density while protecting our tree-canopied neighborhoods, and spur community revitalization across the city while protecting our residents from displacement.

Community Revitalization

We must ensure long-term housing affordability, eliminate food deserts across the city, and promote health centers, public art, and walkable communities for people of all ages and abilities.


We must ensure the City partners with Atlanta Public Schools and others to provide quality Early Childhood Education, critical wraparound services for our students and families, and workforce development opportunities for residents of every age.


We must design a transit framework that addresses our infrastructure needs, chronic traffic congestion, and transit-dependent residents in our city.

Public Safety

We must build fully-staffed, well-trained, competitively-paid, and community-focused police and fire departments.

City Services

We must continue working to become a city government that engages in a more direct and frequent engagement with our community and operate ethically, efficiently, and with transparency.

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